Math Counts — We’re halfway through!

Okay, so when Shane said that Topher would be going through a “100-day journey” I thought it was some medical mumbo jumbo he was using.  It turns out, it’s just Shane.  I forgot about his amazing math abilities…  100 days was a very rough estimate of the 14 weeks Topher needed to grow and develop to get to full term which is 37 weeks (remember, he was born at 23 weeks).  So, as of yesterday (May 6th), Topher was 50 days old — halfway to 37 weeks!  Yay!  Oh, and he also has chubby cheeks and the cutest lips.  I’ve never seen him with his mouth closed before; I was used to all those tubes and his mouth wide open to accomodate those tubes.

Other news: he’s moved to his very own ROOM!  We were lucky enough to snag a single room in C-4, another part of the NICU for patients who need chronic care (Topher needs chronic care for his feeding and breathing issues). There are some MAJOR perks to this new room: we get our own bathroom, a TV (no volume though), a DVD/VCR player, more than enough furniture (we used to have to borrow rockers from other bedsides), a desk, a window, our own sink… but most importantly, we have WALLS (and a door) where Toby is CONTAINED and not bothering other patients and their families! 


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  1. 1

    Joann Bossenbroek said,

    Thanks for the update on Topher. We especially enjoy seeing the photos. We continue to keep you all in our prayers.

    Joann Bossenbroek

  2. 2

    Aunt Susan Tsai said,

    Great! half way thru now, good job little Topher 😉 good jod, Clara and Shane!
    You’re all in my daily prayers since I started visiting this website and getting the progress/update.
    Happy Mother’s Day Clara! we’re all so very proud of you !

    Best regards,
    Aunt Susan from D.C.

  3. 3

    Grandma Tsai said,

    Hooray Topher, you are a true fighter !
    We are cheering for you. Always happy to see you grow
    bigger and stronger. We also pray that your mommy and daddy
    will be strong. They need all the energy to care for you
    and your brother. We love you, Michigan Grandpa and grandma.

  4. 4

    Jocelyn said,

    toby’s so cute! Even with all the medical equipment, I can tell he’s as cute as his big brother. Clara, thanks for taking the time to put this blog together, it’s nice to see how Toby is growing.

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