Surgery Today

 Topher just went into surgery for his eyes about 20 minutes ago.  The MD says that there’s an 80% success rate that this procedure will prevent blindness.  Hopefully since they caught this disease in its early stages that it will be successful.  She seemed very confident.  Thank you for keeping us and Topher in your prayers.

In other news, they’ve put his feeding tube up his nose and into his stomach, thus freeing up his mouth for his pacifier and hopefully a bottle (soon?).

(Shane’s rounds) Another update for the medically minded.  Topher developed retinopathy of prematurity (Zone 2, stage 2, and Plus disease) this past week after being Zone 2, stage 1 for the past several weeks.  His surgery apparently went well, and hopefully they will extubate him soon.  Once he’s back to goal continuous feeds, they may start a trial of QD po feeds.  They would like to see him gain 20-30g/day, which would put him at 2kg in 3 weeks.  So maybe we can bring him home by July!  Ok, not really.


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    Jocelyn said,

    Dear Clara and Shane,

    We continue to pray for your little Topher. It is wonderful it see how much he has grown and the things God is doing for him and for your family.

    Love, Jocelyn

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