Surgery Complete

Topher just came out of surgery.  He’s going to the small-baby unit of the NICU to recover.  The surgeon reconnected his ostomy and had to remove the ilio-cecal valve and a portion of his ascending large intestine.  But thankfully he kept the terminal illium (where a lot of the vitamin assorption occurs) intact.  Oh, and the belly-button is still there!

We expect Topher to be on TPN (that IV milkshake from before) for another 2 weeks before they start testing his bowels with breastmilk. 

Thanks again (SO MUCH!) for keeping us in your prayers.  As soon as I fix the camera-computer connection (if you saw all the connections on the back the computer–let’s just compare it to a power strip connected to a power strip connected to a power strip–you’d understand why…), I’ll post “before” and “after” shots of Topher’s ostomy.

Shane’s rounds: Dr N. was able to reincorporate 20cm of distal small bowel and terminal ileum after taking down Topher’s ileostomy.  However, the ascending colon was inflamed from his previous NEC, so a right hemicolectomy was performed with a second anastomosis from the TI to the transverse colon.  Topher will be on the vent with NG suction for the next several days.   When the inflammation goes down, hopefully so will the bilious drainage (down and out the pooper, that is).

Before the surgery: see his little ostomy bag?  And the big white bandage is covering up his mucus fistula (large piece-2 inches-of intesting sticking out of tummy).

Post surgery (still intubated): just a line.  All bowel parts are back inside.


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    Joann Bossenbroek said,

    Hopefully this will be his last surgery for awhile. It must b every hard on you to have such a little guy go through so much. We are keeping you in our prayers.

    Joan & Byron

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