Poop Happens…

…which is GREAT if you’re Topher, but not so great if you’re Bailey (our dog–she’s been pooping in the family room again…!).

Topher has had some poop smears in his diaper throughout the day.  It’s mostly the tissue sloughing off from his intestines.  The reconnection is showing “results”.

He also got extubated early this morning and is now on a CPAP.  We thought he’d go to room-air or at least a nasal cannula directly, but the nurse says he was probably desatting (low oxygen) so they put him on the CPAP.

He’s also drooling a lot, so all the straps holding his CPAP onto his head are getting wet and slimy and then sliding off.  He seems to prefer that since he’s back to his wiggly self, constantly grabbing at all the tubes.  It’s a little weird going from 4 lines (NG tube, oxygen sensor, heart & respiratory rate sensors) to 6-8 lines (all of the above plus the CPAP, a suction down into his stomach for the bile/gastric juices, PICC line [like an IV but goes closer to his heart in a larger vessel]).  They took him off of his narcotics and have put him onto baby Advil.  He’s also starting to lose his weight (mostly from all the fluids he’s gained from the surgery and the two blood transfusions): he’s at 2512 grams (he was 2525 yesterday).

Still having trouble uploading the pictures from the camera, but I’ll be sure to bring it to church to show people his “before” and “after” shots of his belly.  🙂

Also got to hold him today.  It was the first time since he surgery 3 days ago.


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