He’s Eating!

I got to bottle-feed Topher for the first time ever last night.  I never bottle-fed Toby since I didn’t want to confuse him with breast-feeding.  I also didn’t want to confuse Topher, but the nurse said that he was so hungry that he probably wouldn’t care about any “technical” difference.  He took about 8 ml of breast milk (non-fortified; the extra nutrients are not as easily digested as “plain” breast milk, and right now, they’re just testing out the bowels) in a quick 2 minutes.  Then he promptly fell asleep.  So far, he’s only had a residual (what’s left in the stomach after eating) of 1 ml and 2 ml from yesterday morning and afternoon.

They’ve also removed his bandage.  His suture line looks a bit untidy (as compared to mine), but I  think it’s because the surgeon went back through the original suture line from the first surgery.  And I even found his belly button!

He’s still staying warm after being out of the isolette for 2 days.  We found some old fleecy sleepers (they’re like sleeping bags with sleeves) of Toby’s that Topher is now using.  They’re really big on him, but at least they’re keeping him warm.

I’ve discovered that my computer is not acknowledging the “F Drive” that’s supposed to be the extra jump drive port where the camera is plugged in.  Hmmm…  the mystery of the non-uploading camera is starting to unravel…


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