Dr. G decided that since Topher has been doing well that they will not do an MRI until he starts showing developmental problems.  The MRI would have involved another IV line, some contrast, sedation and a big machine.  The nurse said that they can also do an MRI outpatient if we need to in the future.

As for feeds, Topher was up to 51 ml Q3 yesterday.  Eventually he will start feeding “ad lib,” eating however much he wants.

We get to bring in the carseat today to do a carseat test.  He needs to be able to sit in it for up to an hour without bradying or desatting to pass.

Clara will be taking “courses” in infant CPR and Shaken Baby.  These courses are really videos she needs to watch.

Shane just put the crib back together (it used to be a daybed) the other day.  Clara has sorted through all of Toby’s hand-me-downs for Topher.  We’re slowly preparing for Topher’s homecoming…


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    Michigan Grandma said,

    It’s good to hear your “crying” voice finally.
    Being able to hold you and watching you smile is such
    a joy and blessing. We thank God for your loving parents
    that take such good care of you. Pray that you’ll grow
    stronger each day.
    Love from Grandpa and grandma

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