Before and After…

Shane sent out his own version of a birth announcement with the following photos:

Topher, 4 days old.

Topher, 20 weeks and 3 days old.


But seriously, we’re starting to get into the swing of having an infant at home.  Toby acted up the first few days; thankfully, the Michigan grandparents came down to help Toby’s transition from being an only child to someone who has to share Mom and Dad.

Topher’s gaining weight, too.  When he left the NICU he was just under 6 pounds (5 lbs, 15 oz).  At the Pediatrician’s office the next day, he weighed in at 6 pounds 4 ounces (there’s also the issue of scales: the NICU used digital scales and the peds office uses the kind with weights and beams)!  He’s eating like a champ and growing little jowls on his face.  He’s got some catching up to do, but at the rate of his eating and pooping, it shouldn’t be too long.


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  1. 1

    Cody Simonsen said,

    Congratulations to all of you for this miracle after all of the struggle. Topher is such a doll. God has really been there to see you through. Can’t wait to see his cute grins and giggles soon.

    Cody and family

  2. 2

    Margaret Gassanov said,

    Hallelujah! What a day to celebrate! We are so happy to hear that Topher is home with the rest of the family! May God continue to bless you all as you begin to return to “normal” day-to-day life. Best wishes.

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