New Numbers

After being home for two weeks, Topher has some new numbers:

He is 5 months old. (22 weeks old)

As of August 15, he weighs 6 lbs. 13 ozs. (Gaining 9 ounces in a week!)

He’s 19.25 inches long (grew 1/4 inches in a week).

Head Circumference is 34 cm (was 33.5 cm last week).

He eats 8 times a day.

He poops once a day.

He sleeps 16-18 hours a day.


Medical updates: His Opthalmologist says that there is no retinal detachment & that the laser surgery results are good (yay!), but he’ll still need glasses.  His Surgeon says that his gut feels fine; that he’s surprised Topher did so well with his surgery.  We’ll follow up with his Neonatalogist for his BPD (Bronchial Pulmonary Displasia – lung disease) in early September.


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    Joann Bossenbroek said,

    It sounds like being home agrees with Topher. We’re thankful for that!

    Joan & Byron

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