So sorry for the lack of updates!

Topher’s grown (yay!).  As of Friday’s visit to the Neonatalogy clinic at Children’s, he weighed in at 8 pounds and 13 ounces.  They calculated a growth rate of 42 grams/day (I forgot to ask how they came up with that number) where 30 grams/day is average.  Oh, and he’s finally on the growth chart!  He was so small to begin with that he was literally off the charts (and not in a good way!).  He charts at the 3rd percentile (which means: 97% of babies his age are bigger than he is).

We’ve also started putting him into the Exersaucer, with the aid of the very handy phone book (which we suspect he’ll use a lot for other things) to support his feet.  The nurse said that letting his feet dangle would cause muscular problems.  He’s also propped up by 2 fluffy blankets so that he can “sit up” by himself.  Topher only really lasts in the exersaucer for about 5 minutes before he gets bored.  His arms aren’t long enough to reach all the neat toys in front of him.

In other news, Toby did something slightly scary (to me, at least) the other day!  He’s strong enough to open the fridge door in the kitchen!  Shane’s response to this little event: how else will he get to his root beer?!?


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