Six months old!

Topher had two successful doctors’ visits on his six-month birthday.  The surgeon was happy that he’s been eating, pooping, and growing well.  It means that his bowels are absorbing the nutrients properly and that we don’t have to worry about “short gut syndrome.”  He weighed in at 4.56 kg.  But the translation (from kg to pounds) chart puts him at 9 pounds 14 ounces.

At his pediatrician’s office, we went through some basics with milestones (holding up his head, tummy time, putting weight on his legs by standing him up, etc).  He weighed in at 10 pounds 1 ounce (which the computer translates to 4.56 kg).  His charted growth still shows him parallel to the normal steep curve; and he’s even on the chart, when you correct for his age.

Speaking of “correcting” his age…  Topher has two ages: his chronological age where we calculate from his birthdate and his corrected age where we calculate from his due date.  His corrected age is what the doctors refer to for his developmental milestones.  His chronological age is what they use to determine his immunizations schedule.  So…  Topher is 6 months old with a corrected age of 2 months.  He will be “corrected” until he’s about two years old; that’s when (supposedly) he’ll catch up with all of his milestones.

Here’s my spiel about his weight:  I used to think that the digital scale was more accurate (it probably still is), but when I see how we translate Topher’s weight from kilograms to pounds, the accuracy gets a bit muddled.  (Nationwide) Children’s Hospital uses a chart which shows ranges of weight.  If your number doesn’t fall into the correct range, then they usually stick your number in the smaller one.  So, I really think Topher is over 10 pounds and not under it.  If you look carefully, he still is 4.56 kilograms, but his English weight is different.


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    Cody Simonsen said,

    What a cute chubby boy! He is looking more and more like his big brother Toby.

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