Hospitalized… again!

Hello all!  I haven’t been updating the blog lately since Topher’s been walking everywhere and we’re keeping busy with him.

Right now we’re in Orlando, Florida, for a vacation that’s turned into somewhat of a nightmare.  When we got to the hotel on November 14th, almost immediately Topher threw up.  Uh oh!  We thought it was something viral that he might have caught on the plane; it should go away in a day or two, right?

Two and a half days later on November 17th, after throwing up almost hourly overnight and not getting much sleep (for Shane and me, too; Toby slept like a rock!); Topher had a seizure and was taken to the ER of the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.  He was very dehydrated since everything we gave him (milk, juice, water, Sprite) came right back up, and then some.  He also stopped wetting his diapers.  The ER x-rayed his belly and found an obstruction; and he was admitted into the Special Care Unit (a step down unit of the NICU/PICU).  In the ER, he was given IV fluids which changed his gaunt cheekbones back to his normal rosy cheeks.

The surgeon had decided to operate that night to explore his bowels and see what was causing the obstruction.  Turns out, he had developed adhesions (like scar tissue) surrounding his small intestine from his previous bowel surgery; there was also a long loop of intestine that surrounded his small intestines that was inflamed and squeezing everything else.  In my non-medical mind, I pictured a huge knot in his gut that wasn’t allowing anything to pass through.

The surgeon lysed the adhesions and Topher is now recovering.  We are waiting for the bile to clear from his stomach, for his intestines to start working again, so that he can start eating again.  When the docs are satisfied that everything is working out and also coming out okay (input/output) THEN we can go home….  We don’t know when.

Thankfully, the hotel that we’re staying at has allowed us to extend our reservation at a generous discount.  My brother-in-law’s brother lives in Orlando and has been an answer to prayer by loaning us a spare car and car seat.  And Delta has waived our penalty fee for not going home today.

We appreciate your prayers and I hope to update this blog when I can.  Thanks again.   Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

The Tsai Family


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    Michigan grandma said,

    Our fervent prayers for Topher’s recovery and also for the 3 of you.
    May God grant you peace at this difficult time.
    Love & prayers from Grandpa, grandma and uncle Steve

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