The boys are resting

Topher and Shane are napping right now.  They had a relatively rough night last night.  Shane stayed overnight to help Topher with his feeds.  He also wanted to talk to the surgery attending during morning rounds to get a plan together about discharging Topher.  Well, Shane changed 8 diapers in 12 hours, so things are moving along.  Shane even managed to get some milk, eggs, and banana puree into Topher this morning.  Then we attempted mac & cheese and Topher threw up. 

We were hoping that Topher would be discharged later today; but with his throwing up and looking gaunt (from dehydration; they took him off of IV fluids last night to increase his thirst), it looks like we might be in the Special Care Unit for at least another night.

We really appreciate your prayers and support.  I’ll try to keep this blog updated daily.


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