One less tube

Monday, November 23, 1:32 p.m. EST

Topher pulled out his NG tube last night, but it was okay since the bile had decreased dramatically after he got some adavan [sp?]to help his sleep.   Funny thing about the adavan, he didn’t react as we had hoped.  Instead, he had the giggles and was happily playing with his toys for about half an hour before finally falling asleep a few hours later.

He’s still on IV fluids, but its flow has been decreased from a rate of 35 to 10 to help encourage thirst.  We hope to start him on clear fluids later this afternoon, as soon as the surgeon okays it.

Right now, Topher is in a wagon with his IV pole attached to the back axle with a blanket and Shane’s been pulling him around the Special Care Unit to give him a new environment.  Being cooped up in a caged crib isn’t too much fun.


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    Clara, Shane, Topher, & Toby.
    Glad that old N/G tube doesn’t have to be put down again! Praying that the clear liquids will go in and stay down. Does Topher like Jello? I’m sure he is enjoying his wagon ride. Thank you for keeping us up-to-date.
    Our prayers are continuing. I talked to my older sister this AM and she has you on their church’s prayer line, too.
    Ruth & Martin

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