Threw up again…

Tuesday, November 24, 3:04 p.m.

Today marks one week since Topher’s been admitted into the Special Care Unit.  He had 2 ounces of pedialyte last night, then we tried to give him some apple juice and a few (very) small bites of saltines.  He wasn’t drinking much from the nipple, so we tried to pour juice into his mouth.  Then he gagged a bit, and threw up.  Green stuff (bile) again….

I think we’re back to square one: wait and see.  At least he pooped last night.  That’s probably the only good news. 

Thanks again for your prayers and concern.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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    Heidi Kovack said,

    Clara! So sorry you are going through this! We will continue praying for little Topher! See you soon!


  2. 2

    Topher & All, Sorry to hear of the continuing challenges you are having to endure little fellow. I am reading a book as we are traveling called “Hope Rising”. That is what we are praying for you and all of you precious family. Giving thanks in all circumstances, not for the circumstances is hard. But we are giving thanks that Topher is as well as he is. We pray for you All to feel our Lords love, comfort, strength, support, and a peace that only He can give. God Bless you everyone as we wait for Topher’s mending and healing. We send our love. We are in Troy, NY and have another 8 hr to drive on to Lewiston today. Love & Prayers, Ruth & Martin.

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