Second Surgery

Topher’s in surgery right now.  They did an upper GI study and watched the barium move way too slowly through the stomach and small intestine.  At one point, Topher even threw up the barium.  The same surgeon as last week  is going back in to see what’s causing all this.

In other news, Toby and I will be heading back to AA on Thanksgiving Day while Shane stays behind until Topher is discharged.

Thanks again for all your prayers.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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    Dear Clara, Shane, Toby & Topher,
    What a difficult journey for you all. Grateful to hear from pastor Bob that Topher’s surgery revealed the problems causing the slow passage of fluids, etc..

    We know this is a very tenuous time and will be difficult for Clara and Toby to leave today for AA. Praying for our Lord’s support and strength and especially for good wisdom for all of Topher’s physicians that the best decisions will be made and that he can be transported as soon as it is safe back to Nationwide CH in Col.

    Thank you, so much, for taking time to keep us all up-dated. We send our love and prayers, always.
    Ruth & Martin

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