Topher seems to be getting used to his situation. Shane sees him in the morning before work, and I see him after Shane gets home. Toby’s not allowed in the hospital as a visitor due to H1N1 (aka “heenie” from one of the nurses who got the term from a crazed patient…) Docs are waiting for him to poop out all the barium from Florida before they give him more for another Upper GI study. The surgeons at Children’s are slightly more conservative, so they want to confirm in a non-invasive manner Topher’s obstruction (or lack thereof) before they attempt another surgery.

We were hoping to take Topher home later this week with a portable IV pump and then have a nurse deliver his TPN to us daily, but the surgeon feared risk of infection to his central line, so that idea has been put on hold for now.

Right now, we’re still playing the “wait and see” game.  We wait for Topher to poop, and hope to see some results from the study.


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    So grateful for your up-date. Praying that Topher will have the Florida barium completely clear his little system, soon, so further studies can be done. Praying for him and you all as we wait with trust and hope for his complete healing and restoration to good health and strength.

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