Topher’s Broviac Catheter

This WAS Topher’s central line (aka a broviac).  It was surgically removed yesterday (February 18th).  Now he just has a single stitch in its place and a small dressing to keep the area clean.

We still have to wait about a week before he’s allowed a tub bath.  He’s been getting sponge baths for the last three months.  And he gets his fill of splashing with the water fountain at church(it’s low for the little kids of ChildCare).

This is Topher happy:

Btw, for everyone who says that Topher looks like Shane, *I’M* the one who scrunches up my nose like that when I smile, not Shane…  🙂


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Hannah said,

    lol…you nose-scruncher-upper. 🙂

    contacts for a 2 yr old?! who’d have thunk? good luck w/ putting them it though!!!

  2. 2

    Olivia said,

    AWW! 😀 SO CUTE!! :DD
    Topher looks owwie though 😦 (the surgery)

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