Another New Look For Topher

Shane and I have always joked about how cute Topher is, and how much cuter he would be without his glasses.  Well, God has answered our prayers, kinda sorta….  Topher is getting CONTACTS!

Topher had his annual appointment with his Opthalmologist (can you believe he’s been wearing glasses for a whole year now???).  His right eye is now VERY nearsighted (he prescription went from -8.00 to -16.50) and his left eye is a bit worse, too (going from -6.5 to -10.00).  Because of the 6 point difference between each eye, glasses would not correct his vision.  Actually, the way Dr. McG put it, if he wore glasses, his vision wouldn’t make a proper image, so his brain would just “shut off” his right eye and ignore the vision it sees.  This can cause “lazy eye” amongst other eye problems.  The official term is “ambliopia” (sp?).  So with contacts his right eye would still continue to work with his left. 

Thankfully his retina is still stable from his laser surgery.  Also, the curve at which his vision progressively gets worse is supposed to be steep the first few years for preemies.  According to his opthalmologist, he’s at the top of the curve.  So hopefully by next year, the worsening of his eye sight will have tapered off.

We have another appointment next month to get him fitted for his lenses.  They make special ones where you can keep them in 3-4 days at a time. Doctor Mc G tried to reassure me that little kids get used to the lenses quickly by telling me of a 4-year old who puts her own lenses in all the time.  Hmmm…  I’m not sure how cooperative Topher will be when the time comes.

In other news, Topher can now moo, except it sounds more like “voo.”  🙂


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  1. 1

    MoDLin said,

    My husband was born 8 weeks early and has had the same eye issues as Topher with a big point difference between eyes. For years he couldn’t wear contacts because they were too irritating. Now he wears a very light lens and his life has changed immensely! This change is sooooo nice to see – all puns intended.

  2. 2

    Sally Royse said,

    Contacts, that sounds incredible. He may love not having to fool with glasses. Praying that he will get used to them quickly.

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