Happy 2nd Birthday!

Topher turns 2 today.  His actual “corrected” age is 20 months, though.  We plan on celebrating in Traditional Tsai fashion: going out to eat!  And also bringing a few friends along to join in the food fest.

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, I’ve been posting limmericks on Facebook.

(Gotta warn you, they’re not that great, but progressively get better…)


There once was a boy named Topher

Who was almost given the name Limmerick

They changed his mom’s mind

With words said in kind.

And now his name rhymes with Gopher.


There once was a baby named Topher

Who was saved by the power of prayer.

He’s grown so well.

He eats quite swell.

And he’s doing great so far.


There once was a preemie named Topher

Who was born at twenty-three weeks.

He was pretty darn small (1 lb 4.5 ozs)

Still ain’t very tall (5th percentile)

But hey, he’s got chubby cheeks!


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