Contacts and Topher

Topher got his first pair of contacts on March 29th.  It’s been almost two weeks since he’s had them, and we’ve lost (and found!) them 3 times already.

The most common question we get is: How do you put contacts on a 2-year old?  Well, it’s really a two-person job.  One person holds him down (sitting on him is preferable because it prevents getting kicked in the head) while the other person puts them in or takes them out. 

Topher got Rigid Gas Permeable lenses (aka “hard” lenses).  At first, we thought he’d be getting soft ones, but after seeing how challenging it is to get Topher to cooperate (prying eyelids open on a screaming and wiggling toddler is NOT fun!), I can understand why we have hard lenses. 

With hard lenses, putting them in is as “simple” as prying his upper eyelid open and then “sliding” them in.  As for removing them, they just pop out when you get his eyelids open enough.  Soft lenses would require us to “pinch” them out instead.

It used to take Shane and I about 20 minutes to remove them.  Now it takes about 1 minute.  We’ve learned that the faster everything happens, the happier Topher seems.

Now for the little “miracles” of these past 2 weeks: remember how I said we lost them?  Topher’s right lens seems to be the “problem” lens.  The first few days, it would always slip off to the edge of Topher’s eye.  And that’s also the one that keeps getting lost.  On his second day of having them, he must have rubbed it out, because when we tried to remove his right lens, it wasn’t there.  Luckily we found it in his crib. 

Three days later, on Friday, the right lens went missing again.  This time, Shane found it in the dishwasher while he was rearranging the dishes to be washed.  Thankfully we found it BEFORE he started the load! 

The third time he lost his right lens, I found it in the pantry on top of the dog food storage container.  Now we check his eyes every 60-90 minutes.  We also check them before we leave the house, and before we head home from errands.  It’s a little paranoid of us, but at $125 per lens per eye, it’s worth it.


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