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When will Topher come home? Most preemies come home around or near their due date.  So Topher would ideally come home in mid-July.  Shane called it the 100-day journey.

Do you need help with Toby during your hospital visits? Thanks, but the NICU at Children’s is very Toby friendly, so he is allowed to go in and visit Topher with us.  We keep him busy with his DVD player and his LeapFrog Leapster (a SUPER gift from his godparents!) and some snacks.

How are you feeling?  Well, if you’ve ever had a newborn at home, you’d know the feeling of no sleep and crankiness from a crying baby every couple of hours.  For us, it’s been a little surreal: we HAVE a newborn, but he’s NOT at home…  We’re still a little tired for different reasons.  Shane has been going to see Topher before and after work, so he’s been getting up extra early to make that trip.  Clara’s been pumping breast milk every three hours to simulate actual feedings & to keep the milk supply in so that Topher can nurse when he comes home.  And every three hours does include the middle of the night, just like having a newborn at home.  So her activities have been scheduled around these pumpings.

WHO does Topher look like? Daddy!  Well, I think he likes like his uncle Steve at first glance.  But everyone says he looks like Shane.  The only debate is his nose: he has the cute little Asian button nose, so Shane says he has my nose.  But if you look REALLY carefully, his bridge is bit high, so I think he has Shane’s nose.  He also has Shane’s hair, eyebrows and big head…!

HOW did you come up with such an interesting name as “Topher”?Okay, this really is more complex than it needs to be, but here goes:  We wanted a name that would be as unique (meaning: hard to find souvenir keychains for) as Toby’s; it also needed to have a matching sound to one of Toby’s Chinese name’s character, either the “tuo” sound which had other results (Thomas –WAY too common; or Tony…) or the “bee” sound (we–okay, I considered Colby [like the cheese!], Ashby, Wallaby [just kidding!], etc…) On top of all that, we preferred something Biblical. So…  I found Topher on which means “Bearer of Christ” since Topher is a short form of Christopher.  The Chinese names of both boys and their translation & pronunciation are in the photo.  Topher’s second character completes the phrase that Toby’s second character begins.  Hopefully this makes sense.  I DID warn you that it would be complicated!


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    Rita Van Buren said,

    Hi Gang,
    I periodically check your blog and always end up feeling very thankful for Topher and, yes, also for Toby. They are a pair of handsome boys!!

    I also really like to read the story on selecting the names. I enjoy the story every time I read it. Only very special, bright parents would go through such a meaningful exercise. As I mentioned, I’ve only heard the name Topher one other time, this past winter in Florida.

    Blessings and hugs to all!!

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