Topher and Spunky

Second Day of Life, on the Billi-bed 

This is Topher and Spunky (the doggy growth chart) in his second day of life. [March 18, 2008]


Topher and Spunky, 1 week old [March 24, 2008].

Topher and Spunky, 2 weeks old [March 31, 2008]. 

Topher and Spunky, 3 weeks old [April 7, 2008].

Topher and Spunky, 4 weeks old [April 14, 2008].

Topher at 5 weeks, sleeping prone [April 21, 2008].


Topher at 6 weeks [April 28, 2008].

Topher at 7 weeks [May 5, 2008].

Topher at 8 weeks [May 12, 2008].

Topher at 9 weeks [May 19, 2008].

Topher at 10 weeks [May 28, 2008].

Topher at 11 weeks [June 2, 2008].








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  1. 1

    Claramae said,

    Hi, Clara!
    Congratulations! This is a cute website. Spunky looks like he can hardly wait to hang out with Topher. :0)
    (Happy late b-day!!! Thanks so much for the card. You always remember.)

  2. 2

    Merling Tsai said,

    Hi Topher,

    We pray and hope you’ll continue to grow bigger and stronger.
    Someday you’ll be bigger than spunky and you can play with him.
    We love you,
    Grandpa, grandma and uncle Steve

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